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Our Services

Regulation of National and Regional Energy Markets

•Energy sector restructuring and markets design

•Policy, regulatory and institutional framework

•Private sector participation processes

•Tariff and subsidy regimes

•Disputes and litigation services

Economics of Clean Energy policies and projects

•Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Climate Change policies and regulation

•Promotion of sustainable decentralized generation

•Renewables cost and pricing

•Relevant secondary legislation.

•Design and implementation of lending programs supporting RES and EE

Business Strategy and Financial Analysis

•Generation and transmission systems expansion and long term planning

•Optimization of capital expenditures, operational processes and business restructuring

•Strategic advice to agents in the generation or sourcing, transmission, distribution and retail activities

•Demand forecasting

•Business projections and financial analysis Economic and financial evaluation of energy projects

Transaction Advisory Services

•Financial modelling

•Evaluation of investment opportunities

•Technical, Commercial, Legal and Financial Due Diligence and Specialist Valuations (VAL)

•Bidding process advisory and contracts design

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