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Acta Consult

Acta -Consult (Russia) is a member of international consulting group of companies - MRC Group with the offices in Spain, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Argentina, and Nigeria.  Acta Consult MRC group experts work in Europe, Asia and Africa and Latin and for more than 30 years. We provide our service to the governments and major energy market players in Russia and CIS since 2003. MRC group is sharing consulting resources combining technical skills and geographical presence for serving their national and international clients worldwide.

We apply an extensive understanding of our experts on how markets, policies and regulation affect private investors to assist firms to meet the ever-growing demands for affordable electricity and natural gas supply, advising on financially solid investment opportunities in infrastructure and services along the supply chain.  We capitalize our experts’ expertise on the key topics of the energy industry restructuring and the promotion of and actual implementation of sustainable energy strategies to provide governments and energy agencies with high quality expert advice and comprehensive bespoke solutions.

Our key people offer both academic qualifications and the experience of having held top positions in governments, regulatory authorities, international financial institutions and private energy corporations. We are committed to helping organizations to achieve their strategic goals. Our multidisciplinary approach, combining technical, economic and financial skills, provides a comprehensive view of business opportunities and challenges within the energy sector

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